I started a new business online and I use my magic jack plus for my business phone. I guess I am lucky because I don’t have the problem that some people seem to have about the sound quality. We still use one of the old type and it works great and my magic jack plus works great for me. I live out in the country too. So I think it’s where you are in the country or something. I am very happy with mine.

I use it as my online business phone and here’s how I use it and why. Let me tell you a little bit about what I’ m doing it is very exciting I am helping a lot of people. Something that I wanted to do since I started the online world about 3 years ago. Before I set up little site like this one and monetized it with adsense and amazon products. Plus I gave a lot of value about the product. I was helping people but not in a direct response  like I am now doing. I help people make money online and show them how to do it. Plus we have a simple system that works great for new comers. So getting back to the way and why I use magic jack for my business. One way I use it is when I send out emails to prospect customer I give them all my contact information even my magic jack phone number.

Why I do it is to make that customer feel safe and wanted. Sometime people will call just to see if someone is there. Our business is made up of a large community we do things different that most people. In my eyes if I can spend a few minutes with someone on the phone to answer a question or concern that makes it all worth wild. Here is another way I use my magic jack phone is when I do some offline advertising I know when the phone rings that is for my business. That is a great thing for me no solicitors. I pay a cheap price once a year for my magic jack plus for my business and I get great quality product. Can’t beat it. If you would like to learn more about our business check out our blog or get on our email list.