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I just wanted to get this article out to you  I can sit here and tell you how good my Magic Jack  and my Magic Jack plus work and how easy the Magic Jack is to setup but I just wanted to you to hear from some other peoples thought from another site. I will leave you the link at the bottom so you can check out many more. Then you can come back and order the Magic Jack for yourself. They are really good little devises. So I went over to C|NETs forum and picked a few for you. The Magic Jack Voip Phone is a great invention your sure to here a lot more of in the future.

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Magic Jack telephone connection

by LearnToDrawFAST.com – 2/9/09 11:35 PM

I saw an ad for a company called Magic Jack that offers a $40 device that allows you to make free telephone calls by plugging this thing into a USB port and connecting a phone to it.

Has anyone on here used it? It appears to be highly rated by PC Magazine, NY Times, LA Times and a bunch of other big names.

Comments? Have you tried it? Sounds too good to be true. $40 for unlimited phone calls for a full year.


Works for me

by radean – 2/10/09 10:13 AM

In Reply to: Magic Jack telephone connection by LearnToDrawFAST.com

If you Google MagicJack, and check in the Unofficial MagicJack forums, you will see about equal numbers of good, and bad reports.

Maybe I’m lucky, but I have had no problems at all with it, and it works as advertised.

Keep in mind, it only works when your computer is active, (not turned off, or asleep). And it adds about a minute to your boot up time while it reloads information from it’s home site. It will do this every time you reboot.

I’ve only had it about 6 weeks now, and I believe it has paid for itself. Should mention I’m on a “low speed” DSL connection (around 1Mbps), but I have had no reports of dropouts, or any voice quality problems.



by LearnToDrawFAST.com – 2/10/09 11:59 AM

In Reply to: Works for me by radean

Thanks so much for the info. I think I’ll order it. I need to find a way to cut down the $1,920 per year that I spend for a land line, fax, internet and cable with DVR.

Have you tried using that device with your fax machine?


Whooo, Magicjack is only a phone connection.

by ahtoi – 2/10/09 12:12 PM

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It may help just a little bit. It may help more if you do a lot of long distance calling (that’s my take on this).

Think about it. Don’t blame the high cost on the phone connection.


Magic Jack is Ace

I bought the magic jack and used it around the country, i bought my son one, and sent it to Germany and it is just great. l paid about 100$ for mine for 6 years of service . I would recommend it to anyone, but a good Internet speed is better!


Magic Jack – Pros & Cons from long-time user

by vik1919 – 5/10/10 12:04 AM

In Reply to: Magic Jack telephone connection by LearnToDrawFAST.com

To answer other questions about magicJack (MJ) VoIP technology. Compared to other paid Internet phone services today MJ is the most cost-effective. Voice-over-Internet-protocol technology is superior today compared to other type of voice communications in:
– it’s the cheapest on the market VoIP technology
– requires only a minimal initial investment (the cost of the device, plus first year subscription)
– works through your computer, as well as through your other home phone
– After you paid the initial cost of the hardware itself, you pay including in the initial cost only $19.99 per year subscription for free-of-charge calls in U.S. Renewal cost you the same $19.99 per year and you can do that online. Other also can call you for free, especially if they also have MJ device hooked in their PC or their home phone.
– When you are away from your home, you need stable Internet connection (stable WiFi connection also works), in order to use your MJ to place free-of-charge calls in U.S., or being abroad and calling U.S. phone.
– Once you register the MJ in U.S. territory, MJ would assign for you an unique phone#, most likely with the same area code as your home. Also, you can travel with it abroad and use it to call for free any U.S. phone back home.
– While for other international calling using your MJ phone you can subscribe by charging your credit card on $10 increments. Once you consumed the dollar amount (only cents per min fee depends on the foreign country location) for international calling from U.S., or being on the territory of foreign country – you can charge your card with aditional$10 or more, up to you, your credit card info is not stored and not charged authomatically, as other do.

In summary, I personally experienced a life in U.S. and abroad using as a phone connection MJ and my laptop only through Internet connection. It works even for those of my contacts that are in U.S. and abroad too, especially for those who already have MJ too.

The cons:
– MJ is not a replacement of your mobile phone. You can not place calls on the go while away from home, you need to have Internet connection and your mobile PC handy in order to place a call. Also other can’t find you as they can when using mobile phone. However, other can leave a voice mail, which you can retrieve using your MJ software poping up on your PC screen.
– or you can retrieve your voice mail through Email notification with audio file attachment MJ sends you every time someone left VM for you. With other words it’s a plus actually that you are not going to miss any voice mail, even when your MJ is not hooked-in your PC.
– No full-blown customer support as we are used to. You only can use MJ Website where you registered your device, to chat online with a rep if available. Otherwise no other phone technical or other support.

Thank for the content here is the link to see more. http://forums.cnet.com/7723-7583_102-329682/magic-jack-telephone-connection/?tag=mncol;3f

I know you will enjoy the Magic Jack Or the Magic Jack Plus and save big time on you phone bill.