I personally own a Magic Jack and a magic jack plus now so I am going to give you a Magic Jack Review of features and how economical it can be.   In this day of layoffs and cutbacks, I was looking for ways to cut my expenses.  I did this while working full time as a teacher.  Who would have guessed that I would have to cut my expenses so quickly.  I was told at the end of my contract that I would not be offered a contract next year and good luck.  This was devastating to me!  I first had to cut out my phone bill.  I looked at Skype, Vonage and Magic Jack.  After using Skype for one month and not liking it, I looked at other VoIP.  Vonage did not interest me, as the price was a little bit more than Magic Jack.  I asked my friend if she had heard of the Magic Jack and one told me she calls me on it every time she talks to me.   I then decided to buy one.magic jack footer image

I bought my Magic Jack, had it installed in minutes.  Figuring out what telephone number to get was hard, but I used the same area code but a number that I could remember.  They had many numbers in different states available.  I could have picked another number in another state but decided against it.  I then set up my voice mail. This phone has call waiting, voice mail and will even send an email when you do not answer the phone.   It even has 911 information that you can add so when you call from this phone they will know your address. I liked the idea of checking my emails to see if anyone called. I called my family to make sure it worked.  I then had them call me to make sure I knew how to answer the phone.  

I proceeded to use Magic Jack for three months prior to writing this article.  The one problem I had was when my computer shut down and Magic Jack did not start back up so no one can call you or leave a message.  I solved that problem by adding a battery backup so that it would not go down.  The other problem is that when the internet does down so does your phone.   If you live in the country, like I do, the DSL is not reliable and goes down a lot but since I am not working it is okay.   I like the portability of the phone.  When visiting relatives, I take my laptop with my Magic Jack and I have a telephone.  It is nice when traveling as I can stop at a place that has Wi-Fi and I can use my phone.  Overnight at a hotel I can use my own phone to make calls and not have to use the hotel phone and incur charges. 


So far, for the three months I have had Magic Jack, I have saved $120.00.  We also added another magic jack plus so we have another line for my husband. I cannot wait until the end of the year when I can say I saved over $480.00 and the next year even more as I only have to pay $19.99.  If this works, I will probably buy for more than a year and save even more money.  Check out the Magic Jack to see if it is a must have for your home. 

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