The Magic Jack Plus is going to offer you the same lower cost of using a telephone, but there will no longer need to be a plug into the computer.

They are revamping the style to allow it to plug directly into your router with an Ethernet cable.  This means your computer does not have to be on to make or receive calls.  (A big plus in my estimation.)  You can still take it with you when you travel and will be able to call internationally while outside the U.S. to the U.S.

Magic Jack Plus Some of the benefits of the new Magic Jack Plus is the quality of calls will be better with upgraded components.  The quality of calls also will be better if you can plug directly into your router instead of the computer.  This will be one less component to run through in making a call.  The yearly price is the same for a better quality less restrictive phone.

I currently leave a computer on all the time, but if I wanted to turn off the computer, no problem with the new Magic Jack Plus as it does not run off my computer, it is added as a peripheral to my router eliminating the need for my computer.  I now have a USB port devoted to the Magic Jack.  Now I can free up my USB port for other things.  


Taking the Magic Jack with you is now easier since you do not need your computer to use the phone.  You just plug the Magic Jack Plus into the hotel phone jack and the Ethernet cable available at the hotel and you will have free telephone service.  There will be no extra charges on your hotel bill.  You may call Canada and US for free even if you are in another country.   If you are in the U.S. or Canada and want to call another country, you will have to prepay for the International Rates but they are a lot cheaper than other companies, so you are still in business with the Magic Jack Plus.

Thinking of getting the Magic Jack?  Wait until the new Magic Jack Plus comes out on the market.  The new product while being $20.00 more on original purchase and $10.00 more a year, it is well worth it.  You will have a lower telephone bill plus the added benefit of crystal clear calling, portability and not be tied down to plugging into a computer.  You will still need DSL or cable internet access.  Dial up internet access cannot be used, as the speed is not fast enough for VoIP phone applications.   When you get set up think of what you can do with the extra money that you will not spend on a home phone.   The Magic Jack Plus is the wave of the future!

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