Magic Jack is one of those VoIP applications that has gained a lot of popularity in the recent past and more and more people have started to show an inclination towards this VoIP application. If you are wondering how does magic jack work, this small plastic device is plugged into the USB port of the computer and is then used to place telephone calls through the internet. The magic jack also comes with a telephone plug in the device and initially the price was $45 for first year of service and these included unlimited domestic calls to any phone. Moreover, you also get a free voice mail account a free US telephone number which is particularly useful when you are someone who constantly travels.

Magic Jack

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The magic jack plus installation does not require any kind of special skills and everything is pretty much automated. Just plug in the device into the USB port of the computer and the software installs automatically. Your Magic Jack VoIP Phone is almost ready and you plug in the telephone into the device and you are all set to make calls. If you get stuck in between installations, you can find various guides on the internet that can teach you How to Install the Magic Jack and there are also tutorial videos that can help you with this purpose. Once you have a good idea about the VoIP setup, the rest of it should be easy and you can begin with the VoIP install whenever you are ready. While there is a lot of debate going on about this magic jack, the product is gaining popularity worldwide and there are several advantages that you have with this product that could make your life easier.


Magic Jack Greatest Advantages


The biggest advantage one has with the magic jack is that they allow to make calls anywhere in US and Canada at unbelievably low rates. The best part about is that it is a onetime payment for one year and you don’t have to bother about monthly bills. The next advantage that one has with magic jack is that they are highly portable and you can take them anywhere within the country where you have access to internet. All you need is to do is to install phone system and you are good to go. Anyone who has a basic understanding about computers can install usb phone system on their computer and you will be given instructions to help you with the installation.

Only after you install magic jack will you see their real use and you are bound to make use of them frequently to make calls especially when you don’t have to worry about the bills. As a matter of fact, with the magic jack you are now able to save up to $500 a year and to your advantage you also have it when you need to use international call system that provides you the facility to make international calls and you can choose to buy international call minutes which is definitely something that provides you a great level of freedom.
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