When looking at long distance and International Rates, look no further.  Magic Jack has international rates that are competitive with major carriers.  In addition, if you have someone living in another country you can buy him or her a magic jack and both of you can have free long distance magic jack to magic jack phone.  (Both of you must have a magic jack).

If you do no wish to get another magic jack, there are rates for every country imaginable.  An example is the rates to Brazil range from 0.05 cents to .31 US dollars per minute depending upon location.  Check out the magic jack website for the international rates that are posted.  The rates fluctuate so you might want to check out the rates prior to buying a magic jack or buying international minutes.

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You can call Puerto Rico, Canada, US and the Virgin Islands without incurring an expense but other countries require prepaid minutes to call that area.  Personally, I would buy another phone for $39.00 U.S. dollars and give to my friend so we could both have free Magic Jack to Magic Jack phone usage.   Of course, some people do not have computers so that might be impossible so check out the rate plan.

There are other VoIP (voice over internet protocol) phone plans that also provide telephone calls via their systems.  Some are Skype and Vonage.  Skype is good but to talk to someone overseas you need a Skype phone.  Vonage can be used over the internet, regular phone and cell phone.  The charges are listed on their websites respectively. 

How do you purchase international minutes?  You click on the soft phone (on your desktop) at the bottom left corner, which says International click to add.  This will bring you to the place to add minutes to your Magic Jack.   Using the Magic Jack International rates, you will get the best deal on minutes for your country to call someone without a Magic jack using their regular phone. 

After I checked out the other VoIP software for phones that are currently available, I think Magic Jack is the best in clarity, ease of use and the easiest to install.  I currently have Skype but do not use it, as it is difficult for me to understand how to get my messages.  With Magic Jack, it is like using my regular phone except that it is plugged into my computer. I rarely look at my computer.  I just use my phone as I normally would throughout the day.  I call my telephone and get my answering machine and messages just like I used to.  Nothing has changed but my telephone number at this time. 

Check out your Magic Jack International rates and see if they match up with what you are using currently.  I bet you will be pleasantly surprised by the cost and the quality of the call will be as expected not the best but better than most calls, I have had from other countries.   The best thing is that if you are not satisfied with your Magic Jack you can return it and all the packaging for a refund.  I got mine atGlenn’s Magic Jack Supplies store .  Check it out. 

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