Home Phone Replaced By a Voip

The home phone is the best way to use your Magic Jack or Magic Jack Plus. I have one of each. I just bought the Magic Jack Plus and my wife has the regular Magic Jack. This way I have my number and she has her number works pretty good for us. As a home phone they are great little devises very cheap and have not had any problems with the devise. I will say though as much as I like the product I have heard through my website and Facebook that customer service is not very good and some of the directions aren’t great either but if you can get through that you will save a lot of money on home phone bills. We will try to help you out here on our site. For the home phone both will work and you can use them in the office. I know of a office that has 6 employee’s and each employee with a computer has a Magic Jack.Magic Jack Plus

Home Phone Problems

From my Facebook I hear that some people can’t use the 911 number don’t really have that problem hear and I live in the country but maybe if you live way out there it doesn’t work. But most people now a day’s have cell phones anyway. One of the other thing I came across is about the Magic Jack Plus in the directions it says you don’t need a computer but you do have to set it up on a computer and register it then you can plug it into the wall. One other problem that comes up is people that have Magic Jack as a home phone and then they want to upgrade to the Magic Jack Plus you have to uninstall the old Magic Jack software first then install the Magic jack Plus. If you have a problem and we can’t help or you don’t get an answer fast enough do what I do go to You Tube and put in the description of your problem and see if that will help.

Way You Want Magic Jack As Your Home Phone

Well first of all you pay one time for the year. The taxes on that one time payment is going to be way lower than if you had a phone service like Vonage or a regular telephone service. In reality just from the taxes you are paying now on your home phone for the year you could pay for several Magic Jack devises. You will save from 200.00 to 400.00 or more depending on your old plans. It has been a life saver around here with all the bills racking up because of the fuel prices. You just have to cut down some were and our first step was to get rid of the home phone bill. So if you are tired of those high phone bills or you just want to cut down on your bills like we did you can get your Magic Jack or your Magic Jack Plus right here at Glenns Magic Jack Supplies Store it will be shipped to you and all you have to do is put it into the usb port and register it and it will download the software and you will be talking in a couple minutes. Hope this helps you out.

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