If you are wondering how easy Magic Jack Installation is to install or the magic jack plus on your computer here is your answer.  I recently purchased the Magic Jack and the magic jack plus wondered if it would be an easy installation.   The package came with the electronic box and a 1-foot extension cord.   In addition, a tiny instruction sheet held very little information along with the warranty.  

magic jack screen

After opening the package and setting everything out.  I plugged a telephone into the magic jack and using the 1-foot extension cord plugged the magic jack into my USB port.  My computer was already up and running so, it found the new hardware and installed the magic jack.  (Note:  If you have antivirus software, you will need to allow the software to install).  Okay, my easy magic jack installation was complete. Now for the magic jack plus I plugged it into my usb on another computer because you can only put one per computer. Registered the magic jack plus and then plugged it into the wall with plug that came with it. The magic jack plus installation was done after I made sure it worked.

You will need to go to the magic jack website and pick your new phone number. You may use your previous phone number but you will have to request it and wait.  If you cannot wait, then you may pick an area code that is available plus a phone number.  I found a phone number that was easy to remember in my area code even though the city related to the first three numbers was far away from me.  I wanted something easy to remember and so will you.  Choosing a number to get your phone ready to use was easy.  

The next thing I did was go to the menu and set up my voice mail.  You can choose to have a message sent to your email account to notify you of voice mail.   You will also need to record your message using your phone or a microphone if one is connected to your PC/laptop.  Please choose a pin number to secure your messages when you set up your messaging center. Now you have your magic jack set up and ready for use.

You can mute the ringer on your computer or leave it so that the ring is loud.   I tried it out by calling someone and checking on the quality.  Then I had someone call me.  Finally, I had someone leave a message so I could practice retrieving the message and deleting.  I find that by doing this with something new it will save aggravation in the long run. 

The quick and easy magic jack installation allows you to have your magic jack or magic jack plus up and running in no time and the savings is substantial.  Just think if you had basic telephone service with no extras, it would cost you in one month what the magic jack costs in one year.  You will also get the extra call waiting, voice mail, and email voice messages at no cost.  I called on adding voice mail to my phone and it cost $3.99 a month that would have cost me $48.00 a year plus taxes.  I could have another magic jack phone for that price.   Magic jack has saved me hundreds of dollars this year and I expect next year when the service fee is just $19.99 to save even more and so shall you. We have both in our store here’s the link to check them out

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